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Taking The Cats Out for a Road Trip

Taking The Cats Out for a Road Trip

I really love creating little characters.  I love drawing and illustrating but I think what is extra special about making little dolls is that you can take them out and photograph them in the bigger world outside of the studio.

Our household woke up on Sunday morning to a bright sunny day which has been a rarity around here.  So we decided on an impromtu daytrip to the beach with the possibility of surfing.  We didn’t end up surfing but had a lovely afternoon playing with little N in a mini river leading to the ocean and getting very sandy.  I didn’t take any pictures on the beach either which was my play.   I got way too engaged soaking up some sun just being giddy to be at the beach.  I did manage to get the cats out and take a few photos while we hit the local playground toddler style.

I am super happy with how these cats have turned out.  It’s been a lot of fun making them up.  Now it is getting down to the business side of writing up the pattern!

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